Kebler Pass Area

CBAC 2014-15 Observations

Location: Irwin Cat Ski

GENERAL COMMENTS: Snow began in the early am and by 9:30 snow began in earnest with strong winds near and above treeline, but even still filtering into below treeline areas.  Windslabs were very touchy and growing in size 10”+ in E. Barkmarker by the afternoon.  Poor visibility prevented backcountry obs.  Storm really fired up around 1500, with that classic Irwin NW-flow nukage that was continuing as we left for the day.

East: am: Perfect loading speeds and direction for EBM. Cracks shooting 20-40’. Fresh windslabs 6-10” deep. Remotely triggered Bender from Swill and got Candy’s to clean out wall to wall while approaching the cornice mid day. D-.5 -1.

South: Sunny Shoulder had stout crust (3-5 cm), (Jan 3 interface) with only 1-2” of new snow on top in the am. New snow seems to be bonding OK with minimal sluffing.

West: UWW, Moonrise, Far Out, Sunset, feeling slabby but not yet slabbed up across extensive terrain. Classic 6-10” windslabs on little rolls behind tree islands, but not long running, or widely propagating… yet. Round two Below Moonrise two small pockets 6-8” deep 20’ wide not really running. Did seem that the new wind and snow was touchy in areas holding yesterdays SH/MFcr combo….worth watching.