Kebler Pass Area

CBAC 2014-15 Observations

NAME: Banks
DATE: 20140211
ELEV: 9,400-12,300

WEATHER: Clear, Cool in am. Warm in pm. Overall mostly light to moderate winds from NE

AVALANCHE / SNOWPACK OBS: A recent Wet loose from the ridgeline (probably Tue 10th) on SE @ 12,100 ~40* 2 small collapses along ridgeline (SE & SW @~10*) on thin faceted snow pack covered by wind hardened snow. Skied up to 40* on SE-SW without incident. Below 10,850 on S-SW aspects ~15:00 snow was unsupportive wet facets/DH with ski pen ~20-30cm, boot pen 1/2 way to China. Flats & SE were more supportive