Irwin Tenure Obs

CB Avalanche Center2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Kebler Pass Area
NAME: Irwin Tenure
ASPECT: East, South, West
ELEVATION: 10-12000


AVALANCHES: NW winds loaded Bender (E-facing 38º) just below the ridge and we triggered a slide that was similar to the other two slides there this season. Elsewhere, wind-loading seemed insignificant and unreactive though we didn’t go through any of the chutes. We cleaned off the cornice above Candy’s (E-facing 38º) with no results. The apron below Candy’s / Bender was very grabby skiing on the breakable crust.

WEATHER: 19” in the last 7 days.

SNOWPACK: 2-5cm MFcr throughout most aspects/elevations with the exception of Upper WW where the Feb 24 crust was only 1cm. Sunset right had no MFcr. 5” low density snow skied well today, especially wests and shady. Ski quality is slowly improving on majority of terrain.