Irwin Tenure and Ruby Range

CB Avalanche Center2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Kebler Pass Area
NAME: Evan Ross
SUBJECT: Irwin Tenure and Ruby Range
ASPECT: East, South, West


WEATHER: Light to Moderate westerly winds at ridge line. Clear sky. High temps of 37 at 12k and 47 at 10k.

SNOWPACK: The recent storm snow became moist or wet down to the 3/23 Interface on all terrain. A few quick pits throughout the day found frozen snow below the 3/23 Interface with moist grains below this very thick crust ~25cms. Skier triggered loose wet avalanches where very likely at 12:00pm on East and 2:00 pm on West.

Above treeline in the Ruby range loose wet avalanche where having a party. These avalanches where running on south east an south aspects in the areas we could see and where all in the D1 to D1.5 range. While relatively small, they would have wrecked your world if you got hit and tumbled by one. Something else of note, all this loose wet activity was starting from rock outcrops and slopes without big rock outcrops haven’t shed yet.