Irwin Tenure

CB Avalanche Center2015-16 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 03/07/2016
Name: Irwin Guides
Subject: Irwin Tenure
Aspect: East, South, West
Elevation: 10-12,000

Weather: Snow began Sunday mid day with warm temps and dense snow. High temps Sunday 30F/24F. Winds
on Sunday were South 20’s gust to 58mph. Winds today SW and continued 20’s G-40’s. Snow S1
with periods of S2-3 throughout the day. High temps 24F/14F. Though weather station remained
SW real time Obs from the Westwall was showing some NW winds.
Snowpack: New Snow is bonded well to old surfaces. No signs of windslabs, a few cracks up to 6’ in front of skis
but slabs not developed. Minor sluffing in just the top few inches not entraining much of the storm
snow. The March 6th crust is thinner on due west and very stout on any southerly aspects. The
March 6 is the same as the Feb 14 & 22 crust and have mostly all become one. There is a fair bit of
variability with this crust especially on due west aspects. In some places 1 thin (1-2”) crust with
facets underneath. In other areas due west there are 2-crusts with facets in between. On any
aspects with any south or even west but open the March 6 Crust is 10-15cm’s thick and is the new