Irwin Cat Ski Operation

CB Avalanche Center 2019-20 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 12/13/2019
Name: Irwin Guides

Subject: Irwin Cat Ski Operation

Aspect: South West, West

Elevation: 10-12,000
Weather: Full storm conditions with whiteout conditions above treeline before 1300, tapering to a
nice lull with lifting ceilings and much decreased wind. Temps remained cold in the upper teens at 12k.
Total storm accumulation sits at 13″ with 1.5″. Total accumulation during the day was 1″ rimed snow with .2″
water. Snowpack: Pasted wind-driven snow largely lacked signs of instability most of the day. Last
runs of the day in MWW produced skier triggered storm slabs 20-45cm deep toward the end of the day, and other
small slopes began to crack off ski tips on UWW terrain (Outer limits, Assassin pockets). Profile dug in
Outer Limits revealed PST20/100(end), and PST30/100(end) down 60cm in early November facets.