Irwin Cat Ski Obs

CB Avalanche Center2018-19 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/21/2019
Name: Irwin Guides

Subject: Irwin Cat Ski Obs


Above avalanches were both on steep, convexities, with out much skier traffic or previous work. Deepest part of crown in FOS avalanche was 1m+. Neither slide gouged into older snow in the
tracks, debris was 1m deep.
Castle Valley Left SS-AB-R1-D2-O FC-11/22 (40cm x 10m x 200m) Arblast pulled up into steep rocky Convexity,
narrow path not digging in.
Field of Screams SS-AB-R2-D2-O FC-11/22 (40cm x 20m x 130m)

Weather: FEW to OVC by 9:30 and snowing by 11a. Strong winds with period of S3 around noon back to S1/S2 for remainder of the day.

Snowpack: Stiff and smooth in UUWW with no cracking or signs of instabilities other than with
explosives. Minimal ski pen. Small grain surface hoar observed at the study plot this am before latest round of snow.