Irwin and Ruby Range

CB Avalanche Center 2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Kebler Pass Area
NAME: Evan Ross
SUBJECT: Irwin and Ruby Range
ASPECT: East, South, West
ELEVATION: Near and Above treeline


AVALANCHES: Several natural point release avalanches and one soft slab observed in the Ruby Range on south and east aspects above treeline. Didn’t get a good chance to see these avalanches before they where hidden in the shade, but they all appeared to be in the D1 to D1.5 range.

WEATHER: Heavy snowfall and near whiteout conditions Wednesday morning with about 4″ of new snow in an hour or two. Sky became partly cloudy by 1pm with strong solar at times.

SNOWPACK: Irwin storm totals where about 14” on the storm board Wednesday morning, from Monday nights to Wednesday mornings snowfall. Wind patterns where poor for creating windslabs in the area and otherwise the new snow was holding up well on the old snow interface. Snow surfaces became moist on east, south and west when the sun came out mid day.