Gothic Updates

CBAC2014-15 Observations

Tuesday A.M.

Not a lot of new snow but terrible wind going strong most the night but letting up a bit after midnight though still at it.  Gusts reached 50 mph during the night.  Only 4″ new snow with 0.46″ water but substantial snow transport such that breaking trail this morning was easy as the snowpack has already set up.  Water content of snow the past 3 days has gone from 6% to 9% to 11%.  Visibility still flat but i have seen slide debris on lower portions of Snodgrass (though not as much as i had hoped).  Wind continues but with gusts only in the 20 mph area now.  Not a nice day, oh no, not at all.  billy

Mid-day Tuesday

Light to moderate snow through the morning but more significantly the wind has stopped.  Visibility better though cloudy all morning.  I have seen about 6 slab releases on Snodgrass, all small though maybe one you could call almost moderate as it crept into it’s tun-out zone, starting at all elevations.  Prominent feature is steep fracture areas, 1 to 2 feet deep running through multiple snow layers.  The one very large run  off the high point just as one comes out of the trees heading into Gothic did not run and has not all winter, which is a problem.

Gothic mountain is still in the clouds so no defined fractures visible, but some light run out debris is.
billy barr