Gothic snow obs

CB Avalanche Center2019-20 Observations

Location: Paradise Divide Area
Date of Observation: 02/10/2020
Name: Billy
Subject: Gothic snow obs

Weather: It snowed most of Sunday and put down 1″ of new snow, then strong wind during the night but once that stopped snowfall picked up with 3″ new and a much lighter 0.16″ of water. The 24 (well, 23 hour so far) total was 4″ new snow and 0.26″ water. Currently overcast and calm with barely a light snowfall. Moderate temperature with the low 19 and current 20F. Looks to be 36″ on the ground but difficult to be certain in the dark. Again more snow movement during the strong wind. Oh goodie- time to break trail again to go anywhere. billy

Sorry. I did not include Sunday afternoon snow total (1″ and 0.10″ water) so the 23 hour totals were 5″ and 0.36″ of water. And wind seems to be starting up again.