Gothic 7 a.m.

CBAC 2020-21 Observations

Date of Observation: 02/13/2021
Name: billy barr


Zone: Southeast Mountains
Location: Gothic

Snowpack: Steady snow through Friday morning with 4½’ by mid day when snow stopped until just after dark, then steady all night until near 4 a.m. Some afternoon wind moved snow around as well. The 24 hour snow total was 11″ new with 1.01″ of water as the snowpack has reached 52″ deep. Temp. held mild with a high of 29F and this morning’s low and current of 20F. Currently overcast with a light W wind and a few flakes just starting to fall. Conditions are very unstable (and after 4 weeks now of cloudy weather, wouldn’t you be as well?). billy