Few More Avalanche Photos and Updates

CB Avalanche Center 2019-20 Observations

Date of Observation: 12/17/2019
Name: Evan Ross
Subject: Few More Avalanche Photos and Updates

Avalanches: A natural avalanche was reported on Whetstone Mountains. It released in a deeply drifted east aspect and ran during the morning of 12/17.
A couple large natural avalanche were confirmed to have run in the Anthracites around Monday 12/16. These are estimated to have released on SH in the middle of the snowpack.
A few other pictures are attached from avalanches that released around the 12/14 cycle.

Weather: Clear sky and warmer temps up out of the inversions. Winds at upper elevations were still drifting some snow at times, otherwise calm at lower elevations.

Snowpack: Traveling around the Kebler Pass area yesterday. The snow surfaces in the alpine have really been worked over by winds in the last few days. lots of drifting and wind textured snow surfaces. Traveled on a number of below treeline slopes facing east to south with no signs to instability, and a few protected northerly slopes with the same result. HS averaged in the 70 to 90cm range.