Eleven Guides PM Report (Cat tenure)

CB Avalanche Center2017-18 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/18/2018
Name: Eleven Guides

Subject: Eleven Guides PM Report (Cat tenure)
Aspect: East, South East, South, South West, West
Elevation: 10-11,500


No significant avalanches despite heavy shots (10£ ANFO) on old hard slabs. Small WL on easterly aspect above Robinson ~1300.

Weather: Cold morning warmed up to mild temperatures with highs near 39* @ 1300! Light westerly
winds, Overcast this morning, clearing to FEW in the afternoon.
Snowpack: Snow continues to erode from faceting process. Significant melt freeze crusts (3-6cm)
dominate anything that has southerly tilt. On southerly slopes, 3 significant crusts with facets 1-2mm
developing underneath. Near surface facets and surface hoar was primarily destroyed today by solar.
Couple significant collapses in Katie’s while boot packing.