Crested Butte Area

CBAC2014-15 Observations

Date: 12/27/14
Location: Red Lady Bowl (along with the rest of town)
Elevation: 9,000-12,400ft
Aspect: S/SE

Weather: COLD !!! -10F at TH at 0830. 11F back at TH at 1300. Slight inversion found up high, but felt minimal. Clear, except for cold air induced clouds clinging to summits on North faces. Light intermittent winds out of NE.

Snowpack & Avalanche Obs Surface snow was remaining dry on S/SE aspects and no evidence of yesterday’s thin melt-freeze crust was noticed as of 1230. Surface faceting already beginning to happen due to cold temps. Xmas storm slab seemed a bit stiffer today then yesterday but still dry and low density on top. Noticeable and wide spread settlement cones seen on skin up through the forest. Also saw evidence of a few old natural slides low in Redwell Basin on steep S/SE aspects, running on Dec 13th interface it seemed. Some slight cracking in wind stiffened snow at ridge top, but no other instabilities found. Supportive ‘mid-pack’ seems to begin to disappear around 11,000′ on down to 9,000′ on shadier, colder aspects.