Crested Butte Area

CBAC2014-15 Observations

Name): Ross
DATE: 1/3/15
ELEVATION: 9,400-10,900
WEATHER: 9.00am S1 (C), 12.00noon S2 (c) , 3.00 S1 (m) Cold throughout the day. 5c start 15c finish
SNOWPACK/AVALANCHE OBS: Mixed bag out there. New snow sits on surface hoar but accumulations didn’t change things radically. High in Coneys ski cutting produced minor results. Small wind slabs ran 10-20 feet off the cornice convex roll up high, ski pen 20cm,  down low ski pen was 25-30 cm. Amazing how different snow pack was between upper and lower elevations. Many hand sheers produces similar results. Dec 13 interface produced clean to moderate SP results up higher in the bowl, while other tests lower in the bowl resulted in SC collapses at the faceted base. Trap door like down lower. Skied in 1st bowl and skinned up for a second lap in second bowl. No instabilities seen aside from the small wind slab at the top of 1st bowl. The dec 30 release in the pocket of 2nd bowl still obvious.