Cement Creek Snow Coverage

CB Avalanche Center2015-16 Observations

Location: Cement Creek Area
Date of Observation: 12/18/2015
Name: Evan Ross
Subject: Cement Creek Snow Coverage
Elevation: 9000,-12,000 along road

Avalanches: Non observed.
Weather: Partly Cloudy becoming overcast in the afternoon. Calm wind.
Snowpack: BTL: Very little snow. About 30cm HS on average. 2″ settled storm snow over facets or crusts.

NTL: Looked like the most continues snow coverage and deepest HS. If persistent slab structure is still intact, this looked like the most likely elevation to find that avalanche problem.

ATL: Snow coverage is mostly confined to gullies and wind loaded areas. Looked very “continental” with generally very little snow coverage.

Phone book style wind slab resting over facets with natural crack running through convexity. HS about 50cm in deepest part of the wind loaded feature. South aspect at 12,000ft


Northwest side of Lambertson Massif.


North Facing shaded trees NTL


West side Italian Mountain


Looking west to Crystal Peak and Star Pass in the distance


NW facing bowl on Cement Mountain