CBPSP Control Results (CBMR)

CB Avalanche Center 2015-16 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 12/27/2015
Name: Chad Berardo
Aspect: North East
Elevation: 11,300′ – 11,550′

Avalanches: SS-AE-R2-D2-O/G – Peach Pit (right, NE)
SS-AE-R2-D2-O/G – Wolf’s Lair (left, NE)
SS-AE-R1-D1-O – Jack in the Box Glades.
SS-AE-R1-D1-O/G – Wolf’s Lair (south exit, SE)
Weather: Cold, light winds, mostly clear.
Snowpack: 11,600′-11,900′ – 10-15 cm cracking in upper, new snow layers w/ thrown 2# hand charges through Main Street, Coffey Grounds, and Fran’s Blend.

11,550′ – Peach Pit, 4# air-blast triggered SS-AE-R2-D2-O/G with propagation through potential ‘safe zone.’ Ski-cutting of this path before recent storm cycle had produced R1-D1 failures. (IMG_7182)

Jack in the Box Glades – observed storm cycle, natural activity (full track) in area flanked by on both sides by previous explosive testing. 2# hand charges resulted in SS-AE-R1-D1-O. Generally soft and un-cohesive new snow on weak, faceted grains in this zone.

11,300′ – Wolf’s Lair (left, NE) Last 2# shot of 1st pass produced SS-AE-R2-D2-O/G (IMG_7189). Chose different egress. Subsequent shots on 2nd pass resulted in similar R1/R2-D1/D2 failures on NE – SE aspects. (IMG_7197-(SE), IMG_7198-(NE). “Tender” Extensive collapsing and cracking with travel throughout this zone.