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Why Sponsor the CBAC?

3/20. Snowmobile triggered slab avalanche near Taylor Pass. East aspect ATL.

We live, commute, and recreate in the deadliest state for avalanches.  Since 1950, there have been 270 avalanche fatalities in Colorado, nearly twice that of any other state.  Crested Butte has a notoriously tricky snowpack, with persistent weak layers that often plague our mountains all winter long and catch unsuspecting victims by surprise, sometimes weeks after a storm.  Backcountry use is exploding in popularity in the Gunnison Valley, and both locals and tourists turn to our product to stay safer during the winter.

Not only do your donations help our non-profit center to match strides with the public’s increased need for accurate and useful weather, snowpack, and avalanche information, but they serve to bring your business more visibility.  Two years ago, the CBAC redesigned our website, and visits have nearly doubled since then, with 120,000 views last season.  Two-thirds of these users are from outside of our valley. Our social media easily doubled last season in both content and audience. Our daily email list has grown to over 450 users.  And we still stick to our roots, with forecasters reading the forecast on our two local radio stations every morning.

Your donations have had a tangible effect in the last few seasons.  Thanks to your contributions, last winter we were able to fund a “pro observers program” and brought on a full-time forecaster for the first time.  Forecaster field days increased significantly, up to 150.   Our team has grown to 3 highly qualified forecasters and 1 pro observer, and the quality of our product reflects this, with a strong emphasis on media to demonstrate our avalanche concerns and travel advice.  The amount of media content on our website quadrupled this year, with 330 photos, videos, or profiles of avalanche or snowpack observations.  Public observations continue to grow.  In addition to our daily avalanche advisories, our center hosts several outreach and educational events, with an estimated 30% increase in attendance last year alone.

Interested in sponsoring the CBAC?  Click here to download our 2020-21 Sponsorship Kit.

Contact Than Acuff for more info. 

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