Carnage seen from Coon

CBAC 2020-21 Observations

Date of Observation: 02/14/2021
Name: Jared Berman, Eric Murrow


Zone: Southeast Mountains
Location: Pony Tail Glades /Coon Basin
Aspect: East, South
Elevation: 9200′-12,000′


Avalanches: Eight large to very large avalanches observed on mostly alpine terrain on south, southeast, west, northwest, and north aspects. See photos below.

Weather: Overcast skies that later cleared by late afternoon. Light winds from the NW at 12,000ft. No snow transportation observed at ridgetops.

Snowpack: New storm snow since Wednesday ranged from 8″ below treeline to 24″ near and above treeline. Although winds were calm last night, above treeline we could see pillows of previously wind drifted snow below ridgelines on easterly facing terrain. No cracking or collapsing was observed on any aspect we traveled on today. By late afternoon, snow surfaces below treeline on southerly aspects became moist with a thin breakable sun crust on steeper slopes.