Avalanche activity near Gothic

CB Avalanche Center 2015-16 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 12/23/2015
Name: billy barr
Subject: Avalanche activity near Gothic

Avalanches: Most of the saddle between Gothic and Snodgrass has run, though nothing has made it to the run-out zone. Fractures 1-2 feet deep and widespread. Only one of the large slide paths above the road ran and that just in the starting zone area so most all that snow is still up there. Most of the peak area on Gothic and the bowl beyond it ran but again did not carry far- not a lot of density in this new snow. But most starting zones around Gothic have cleared out- sadly though not the big paths above the road to town.
Weather: The earlier snow totals hold (19″ new and 0.96″ water in past 24 hours) and actually it has started to clear up. Light to moderate wind is moving a little snow- enough to make the ski to the office like doing isometrics the whole way as it partially filled in the deep, old track. Slow. The only change is that the snow settled another ½” to 49½” on the ground now. Low temp. dipped to 12ºF and it is about 50% cloud cover.