Anthracite Range

CB Avalanche Center 2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Kebler Pass Area
NAME: Evan Ross
SUBJECT: Anthracite Range
ASPECT: North, North East, West, North West
ELEVATION: 10,300-12,300

WEATHER: Mostly cloudy in the morning before becoming clear by 10am. Light wind with moderate gusts at ridgeline.

SNOWPACK: Wet snow surface to varying depths below 10,500ft, in relatively thick trees and on all aspects observed. Snow surfaces just above treeline where heavy wind effected and generally hard wind pressed slabs. Along the way I found buried SH 30-50cm deep every time I dug into the snow. Obviously these were targeted and ended up being a , below treeline slope on a west aspect and at near treeline elevations on north and northwest aspects. At 11,600ft with a wind affected snow surface on a north aspect ,the SH was 35cm deep sandwiched between 1f slabs. Test results on this interface where CTM SC and ECTP19 SC. Even with these results we didn’t observe any collapse while traveling through the terrain. We either didn’t find the right spot on the slope, I need to eat more cinnamon rolls and pack on some pounds, or we need a big snow storm to make this interface more active in the area we traveled.