Washington Gulch

CBAC 2014-15 Observations


DATE: 2015.03.07

LOCATION: Wash Gulch

ELEV: 9,100-10,500′


WEATHER:   Clear, sunny, warm, no wind
AVALANCHE / SNOWPACK OBS: Found ~55cms storm snow (F-4F hard) overlying a distinct surface hoar/buried surface layer on top of 100+cms of mostly 4F hard facets. Two large collapses observed on slope of 34* N slope in dark timber with weight of entire group on slope to produce it. Also saw lots of evidence of recent cracking displacing the storm slab on small steep terrain features, but nothing moved despite the slope angle, guessing compressive support on these small slopes was enough to hold it up in shear strength. A test snow profile revealed CTE & CTM on a layer about 25cms above the ground (or 125cms down !). Sudden Planar failure character on both. Also Tilt Test produced very easy failure results with Sudden Planar fracture character results on a layer 10cms below the surface w/i the storm snow, but no evidence of any activity on this layer anywhere in observed recent activity out in the hills.