Natural avalanches in the Ruby Range

CB Avalanche Center2014-15 Observations

Name: Zach Guy
Title: Natural avalanches in the Ruby Range
Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 12/23/2014
Aspect: North, East, South
Elevation: Above Treeline

Avalanches: Most of the range was obscured by clouds, but caught a few looks at some recent soft slab avalanches on north, east, and south aspects, mostly D2 or D2.5 in size.

  • 3 or 4 large debris piles in Peeler Basin off of north aspects, looked D2 to D2.5, but crowns had already been filled in.. Likely ran mid-storm.
  • Two slides on east aspects of Ruby and Robinson Basin, looked to have run in the past 12-24 hours. The slide on Ruby looked 3 to 5 feet deep, 300-400 feet wide. SS-N-R2-D2.5-U.
  • One slide on a south aspect of Robinson Basin, several feet deep, a couple hundred feet wide, fairly recent. SS-N-R3-D2-U
  • Large D2.5ish looking debris pile below E/NE face of Mt. Owen. Peak and crownline were obscured

Weather: Cold. Moderate gusts from the north with short periods of moderate transport. Broken skies.