Mountain Weather 12/21/15

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 12/21/2015

Yesterday’s snow accumulations far exceeded forecasted amounts with a fairly wide range of accumulations reported across the area. Several factors came together yesterday to create more lift then expected as we saw some high snowfall rates. A quick moving disturbance will be exiting our area this morning, kind of like a small wiggle in the flow. We’ll stay in westerly flow after this disturbance but will lose much of the instability in its wake, relying more solely on orographic snowfall this afternoon. So we should be seeing light snow showers or a break in the weather around mid-day today. Heading into Tuesday things really get exciting as the Jet Stream moves over head. Bringing a good tap of moisture on westerly flow while creating good instability. So we’ll have moisture, lots of lift, and good orographic flow. That means snow folks!