Mountain Weather January 20, 2015

Date: 01/20/2015

We’ll see partially clearing skies today in the wake of the shortwave trough that passed overhead last night, bringing a much welcomed refresh to our snow surface. Lingering orographic snowfall should burn off around sunrise. A deepening Pacific trough will drop to our southwest on Wednesday morning, and an arctic air mass moves in from the north. We’ll have to exchange our flip-flops for down jackets, with more typical January temperatures returning to the valley and a chance for an inch or two of snow before things dry out through the rest of the work week.

Mountain Weather January 19, 2015

Date: 01/19/2015

Colorado seems to be getting the stiff arm in this week’s weather pattern. The jet stream is helping to keep the storm track north of Colorado and is favoring the Northwest, ID and WY. So we’re currently looking to have a mostly dry week ahead. Us forecasters will be working hard to think of witty comments to keep everyone entertained this week. This afternoon and evening could be the exception to the outlook. A weather system will clip Northern Colorado during this time and we may see some light snowfall.

Mountain Weather January 18, 2015

Date: 01/18/2015

Unfortunately not a lot to be exited about in today’s weather. The jet stream is to our north and helping to keep us in a high pressure ridge. We’ll see some high thin clouds today and otherwise similar dry weather. If everyone in town does the snow dance we may see a sprinkling of orographic snow in our western mountains on Monday. Midweek forecast models are yet to come into agreement about a potential low pressure trough that could help change our current dry weather pattern.

Mountain Weather for Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Date: 01/17/2015

The quick disturbance overnight broke the stubborn valley inversions, and brought a skiff of snow to the area. Today we will see clearing skies, and that west wind continue to blow at higher elevations. Looking ahead, the models continue to disagree what the next week will hold. One model says high and dry, the other says moist and unsettled. Time will tell as we get closer, and these models eventually come into agreement.

Mountain Weather for Friday, January 16th, 2015

Date: 01/16/2015

Cold nights and mild days will continue into the weekend. Increasing clouds and a slight chance of flurries from a weak shortwave disturbance passing to our north tonight, may provide some clouds and mixing to minimize frigid valley temperatures, but in general, cold nights, warm days, light winds and sunny skies will prevail until next week.

Mountain Weather January 15, 2015

Date: 01/15/2015

Another beautiful day is in store, with mild mountain temperatures, light winds, and plenty of sunshine the product of strengthening high pressure. Grab your powder tool of choice and climb above the inversions. We’re sitting at -12F in town this morning, but mountain temps should reach the 30’s today. High clouds will start to move in tomorrow ahead of a weak shortwave dropping in from the Northwest, which shows up Friday night into Saturday. Snow accumulations look to be a few inches at best.

Mountain Weather January 14, 2015

Date: 01/14/2015

The closed low that brought unsettled weather earlier this week is shifting south and east through Arizona and New Mexico today. Clouds have already cleared out as high pressure and dry northwest flow return to our region. The rest of the work week will bring sunny skies and a gradual warming trend in the mountains, while inversions set up in the valleys. A chance for snow returns this weekend.

Mountain Weather January 13, 2015

Date: January 13, 2015

The center of the closed low is circulating along the Nevada/Utah border this morning. There’s not as much moisture on the back end of this system, but we’ll see some continued flurries today, with the Kebler and Paradise Divide areas favored. Cooler, dryer northerly flow will fill in as the low moves east, with dry weather through the rest of the week.

Mountain Weather January 12, 2015

Date: 01/12/2015

Crested Butte will hang in the balance between two storms today with little accumulating snow. Our atmosphere is currently primed with warm moist air, but this air needs a disturbance to help create snowfall. A low pressure trough is over Utah today and forecasted to swing south of Colorado tonight while forming a closed low. This will put us under southwest flow as we began to see this closed low affect our area tonight and tomorrow. With so much moisture in the air we could see high snowfall accumulations or the closed low could track further south and leave us skunked. This will be an interesting system to watch play out as either way our best guess forecasted snowfall numbers will likely be off. By Wednesday a flat ridge begins to build and we’ll see dry weather through the remaining week.

Mountain Weather January 11, 2015

Date: 01/11/2015

The current weather system has the moister but is currently lacking the lift necessary to produce widespread snowfall. That’s like showing up to the party with a bowl of gravy, but no turkey. The western portion of our area is good at creating lift and producing orographic snowfall and this will be where we see the greatest accumulations today. Snowfall accumulations are looking better on Monday night into Tuesday as two weather systems merge, helping to create more widespread lift and higher snow accumulations. A dried out turnkey and empty bowl of gravy look to be in store for Wednesday afternoon through the weekend as a weak high pressure ridge builds.